Integrated Supplier Service
Develop a global network, incorporate with high-quality suppliers, and mitigate your procurement challenges with guaranteed quality and supply.
Integrate global suppliers, adopt a tiered management approach, and strictly control supplier quality
Cover comprehensively over 10000+ electronic component suppliers and over 10 millions of SKUs
Respond promptly to your needs based on our stable supplier chain
Cost-down Strategy
Seek opportunities to reduce costs, match your target price and manage intermediate cost in your purchasing process based on our digitalization capabilities.
Equippe with an intelligent data system for real-time component prices
Integrate with multiple major distributors for direct access to the best prices
A team of 150+ professional procurement specialists, constantly searching for direct resources to provide customized electronic component procurement solutions for you
Shortage Sourcing
Develop a scientific procurement strategy in response to dysfunctional demand-supply relationships. Anticipate procurement opportunities when the market is in short supply.
Powerful data capabilities to quickly identify material shortages
Acute analytical skills to stay ahead of market trends in material shortages
Intelligent Open API and BOM system to provide real-time access to global supply channel inventory levels
Excess Stock Solution
According to your inventory, we use big data and a professional team to gain insights into market demand, price your materials in a differentiated manner, promote through multiple channels, and formulate the best solution for you.
Self-owned intelligent electronic component database, analyze inventory and prices in the market, and carry out differentiated plan
Develop the optimal inventory plan for you by the one-on-one expertise
Turn your inventory into revenue, offer inventory consignment and online showcase to your excess inventory