Mogultech is a company with 20 years of experience in the electronic components industry. We have warehouses and quality control management centers both in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Also, professional laboratories and quality control teams are formed in order to deliver a scientific and reliable quality management system. Moreover, we have established strategic partnerships with professional testing organizations to provide assurance for quality control throughout the entire process.
To ensure the best product quality, all goods are strictly monitored from procurement to warehousing.
A high-standard internal inspection is conducted at six levels:
Level 1
General Inspection of the Carton
Level 2
Inspection of the External Packaging
Level 3
Inspection of Internal Materials
Level 4
Carrier Inspection
Level 5
Visual Inspection of the Product Itself
Level 6
Mechanical Inspection
We also conduct external multi-dimensional testing in accordance with international standards. It includes appearance testing, opening and X-ray testing, key function testing, failure analysis, and solderability testing.
We have established an internal and external inspection network to manage and supervise over 3,000 brands worldwide, which ensures the quality control of electronic components, provides a safe and reliable purchasing solution for our customers.
AS 9120
ISO 9001
ISO 14001