Barunis the most outstanding semiconductor company, the Korean best and World 5thcompany in Flash Memory Card Market.


Barun Electronics Co.,Ltd. Was establishedin 1998 when the Korean semiconductor industry was at its youth. The foundedmembers are experts from Samsung Electronics,SKY Hynix and Micron Technology.It has cultivated the global market to export $150 million/year with diverse semiconductorproducts. It was listed KOSDAQ in 2002,achieved up to 20 billion annual revenuein 2010, established the global production bases in 2015, and has become trulyHigh Potential Enterprise.


 Barun’s biggest competitiveness comes fromits own R&D power. With world best knowledge and skill it supplies andpromotes to the customers with diverse flash memory cards, eMMCs, custom madeapplication products, and its own brand products(GoldFlash),while the otherpackaging companies are maintaining OEM business ordered by the big foundries.It also supplies to the global Big 5 semiconductor companies more than 300million memory products per year.


  The company is consisted of two business units(Bus). SIP BU supply flash memory cards, UFDs, SSDs, eMMCs, eMCPs by means ofdirect sales, ODM, OEM and EMS. IoT BU suppliers sensor modules, near fieldcommunication modules and the other solutions. They are based on WiFi,Bluetooth and NFC technology and are widely used to IoT system.


  Living in the ICT convergence ecosystemwhich has the three key words, hyper connected society, big data andconvergence, the semiconductor consumers’ needs are evolving into biggervolume, smaller size and more diverse functions. Barun promise to supply the veryproducts which are asked by the customers and markets timely and creatively. Wewould like to contribute to “the Semiconductor Kore” and would like to become “theglobal best company” through ceaseless innovation and challenging spiritspowered by the support of your words of encouragement.





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