ChipON, who located in Zhangjiang High-tech Zone ofPudong, Shanghai, is a Fabless company focusing on the research, design anddistribution for mixed-signal IC of industrial and automotive grade. ChipONproduces 8-bit MCU, 32-bit MCR/DSC and Analogic IC, while the 8-bit MCU ofKungFu8 family, that is famous for low power and high ability ofanti-interference, is widely used in the fields of automotive, industry,security and safety, digital power supply, LED lighting, power electronic,consuming and medical electronics.


   With its characteristics of lowpower, high ability of anti-interference, embedded EE, abundant analogperipherals, wide operating voltage and temperature range, ChipON’s 8-bit flashMCU from KungFu8 family of industrial and automotive grade, directly startcompetition with European and American MCU manufacturers. In this way, being amore flexible choice, ChipON has gained pretty good sales performance andreputation from lots of Medium and large-scale customers from fields of firecontrol, automotive electronics in add-in / optional market (after-servicemarket), BLDC motor control, LED lighting, electric instrument, householdelectrical appliances and capacitor touch key, etc.


   ChipON will also have new promotionfor 32-bit MCU/DSC, RF, 24-bit high speed and high-precision A/DC products ofKungFu32 family. And they will produce other unique MCU products, keep focusingon the markets of automotive electronic, industrial, security and safety, powerelectronic, wireless and intelligent household electrical appliances, andinstruments.


  The present projects include mobile power supply, Hair straightener withtouch key, induction cooker with touch key, and coffee machine, etc.


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