Why Mogultech


1. Excellent industry reputation and receiving unmatched support from our vendors due to ongoing relationships

2. Franchised for almost 16 lines.

3. Online Universal Part Tracking System and "Open Market Intelligence, OMI" providing price/availability trends on millions of line items instantly

4. Customized CRM based software to facilitate the customers and their purchases from initial call to closing invoice and statement

5. Rapid response to all inquiries

6. Accurate order execution process using CRM Enterprise Software

7. A 98% on-time delivery fulfillment ratio and prompt shipment confirmation

8. Express carriers around the world to assure no delivery delays

9. Flexible terms 

We offer flexible terms including net 30 days payment terms to long-term relationship with customers.

10. Keeping you informed

In the rare event of a problem occurring with an order, we would message you in a minute and keep you informed as we resolve the problem. Any concerns will immediately be passed on to sales manager to handle, which means you will be in full control and know exactly what is happening with your order at all times.

11. Highly trained, dedicated personnel

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