Isocom Components, UK based, has been a leading supplier ofinfrared optoelectronic devices for over 30 years with product familiesincluding all popular commercial opt coupler, industry standard types, and manyno longer supplied by other manufacturers. We also offer special parametricselections to meet customer’s specific circuit design requirements, and providecomprehensive one-stop buy for customers. Though It’s not a long time sinceIsocom marched into China market, Isocom impressed most of the customer in thisfield with its high quality of the product.


  Opto couplers of Isocom are completelycompatible and alternative with Avago, Toshiba, Freescale, Renesas, Vishay andSharp. It’s also widely applied to electric power meter, industrial control,frequency converter, electric appliance, intelligent control and other fieldsby domestic and foreign factories.














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