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Mogultech was honored as one of the best five satisfied distributors of the year

“The Annual China Electronic Component Distributor Survey of 2013" held by ESMC, which consisted of 2 stages and lasted for 4months, finally ended with a grant ceremony in Shenzhen Marco Polo Hotel on 30th May 2013.  The annual winners list of "The distributor Excellence Award” in 2013 was solemnly announced on the ceremony.

Since it starts from 18th December in the last year, it has been successfully covered all types of active global distributors in the Chinese market at the first phase of the investigation. After a rigorous filtering and screening, they selected 126 distributors' reply as studying samples. By multi-angle scanning for this group, they published findings, data analysis reports, on the Issue 4 Magazines.

According to the participators' distributor scale, brand recognition and growth rates, and other factors, which investigated during the first phase, there are 121 distributors ultimately as candidates for the second phase of voting finalists.

So far, Survey and Searches onChinaelectronic components distributors has persisted in giving first place to find those who have powerful comprehensive strength and can provide considerate services. The entire electronics industry is expected to complete its rebound from Japan 311 Earthquake by the end of the third quarter, and we take the responsibility to help all relative companies to achieve a win-win situation after the disaster, to provide detailed data and analysis for mutual understanding and improve customer satisfaction for the industry’s continuous expanding. Compared with the past years, the survey and searches are more detailed and strict. For example, votes of different directors from one company count for one, the votes from other industry don’t count, etc. Until the 29th march2013, we filter out 2274 votes from purchasing managers and engineers of electronic manufacturers.

About the setting of the awards, while retaining the existing awards, the “Growing Stars” award was added, to honor the fast-growing medium and small size distributors. In the contrast to last year, we can see some new faces of high potential on the list of winners this year; at the same time, due to the downturn of global semiconductor market, declining of the shipment, some of the last year winners are unfortunately out of the stage this year.

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